Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Wreath 2015

Every year I make a Christmas wreath. I guess it's becoming a tradition. I think once I started wanting one and took a look at how ghastly expensive they can be  I was much more motivated to make one myself. Turns out, it's wicked easy and wicked cheap to DIY.

Each year we cut down our own tree. Aside from it being a magical Christmas experience -- and judged to be the only 'proper' way to get a tree if you are a true Christmas celebrator (whatever) -- I think these tree farms are making out like bandits. I mean really, though... we do all the work. We pick and cut and drag the tree from the center of some field back to the car, hoping to only get sap on things that can be cleaned. But we do love spending some time outside in the fresh air before it gets too cold to enjoy anything. And the hubs enjoys feeling like a he-man by chopping down the tree. And I enjoy watching him. We get to wear our Flannel shirts and drink hot cider. It's a process, but it pumps us with some Christmas cheer to start the season... before all the craziness rolls in.

I digress. When we get our tree each year we save the bottom boughs that inevitably have to be chopped off so the tree fits in the stand. Sometimes I even grab other people's left-behind branches too. [Lord knows that the tree itself costs more than enough for me to feel within my right to take home extra scraps.] I buy a wire wreath frame for $2.50 and some floral wire for $2.00 and I make my own wreath. If I feel fancy, I add some berries and a bow. It takes me 20 minutes. Do it this way and you'll never again spend $50 or more for a pre-made wreath.

My tutorial from a few years ago is HERE. I think next year I’ll give it a revamp.


Wreath on, people – save some money for gifts, or charity, or one of the few “one for me, one for you” purchases that might inevitably come your way. Don’t you dare pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about. ;)

Happy Holidays and Merry Crafting!
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