Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Wrist Wraps

Since we’re on a roll with the DIY workout gear this week, I might as well throw this one in too. Another simple DIY, but this one includes some sewing. Don’t be intimidated, it’s about as simple as sewing can get – straight line stitching.

We found this link for DIY wrist wraps by End of Three Fitness the other day when Joe’s wrist wraps broke and he wanted a new pair, but with some fun print on it instead of boring plain black. Of course he went to the store and found the perfect print for lifting – Marvel comics (think the Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderman). I guess he wants to channel their super strength during his workouts… not a bad idea, really. Between you and me, I have no problem with him wanting Thor’s muscles :)

Here is how ours came out:





How awesome is this fabric? I need to find more fun projects to use it for!

I wonder if putting a little backing in the middle would be nice? Or maybe it would make them too bulky?

Thanks to End of Three Fitness for sharing their tutorial!

Happy DIYing and Happy Fitnessing y’all!

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Bridget XOXO