Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Wreath


I’m desperate for Spring. I mean, who isn’t? We have all been battered by snow, and even those of us who live in the Northeast have gotten record high amounts this year. It’s gray outside almost every day and the cold is making us hibernate longer than we would prefer. I’m miserable… and crabbier than I like to admit I am. So, I needed to do something about it (for the sake of my sanity and those of my family members haha). I’m making my own Spring.

I had never made a floral wreath before, but that wasn’t going to stop me. My mom was visiting for the weekend and she was thrilled to give me a few pointers – when I was a kid, she used to make them all the time for our front door. A quick trip to Michaels (with coupons in tow) and we had all the supplies we needed. A little clipping and snipping and securing and it was finished. Although not much tutorial is needed for this, I’ll do my best to give some direction and pointers; Here’s how I did it:

- Faux flowers/ silk flowers of your preference
- Wreath base (I chose the twig version, but there are many)
- Wire cutters
- Floral wire (thin, pliable wire to help secure flowers)
- Ribbon

1. First things first – find the top of your wreath. Mine came with a little hook at the top to help me hang it, so I made sure that was facing up at all times so I could get an idea of how it will look when it is hanging. My wreath also was a bit lopsided – by keeping the top at the top, I was able to fill in the odd areas with extra flowers to make it look a bit more round.


2. Start clipping your flowers and sticking them in. I made all of my flowers face the same direction, as if they were woven in with the twigs. I like having all of my flowers evenly distributed, but just wing it – get those creative juices flowing!

IMG_20140302_085312_642  IMG_20140302_090349_406

IMG_20140302_091856_908  IMG_20140302_093911_430

3. Once all of your flowers are in place and you like where they are, take your floral wire and secure it in one spot on your wreath. Then wrap around the wreath, securing the flowers a little bit more tightly.


See how my flowers are a bit scraggly? Below they are secured better with wire.
Yup, I was still drinking coffee when I made this wreath. THAT is how easy this is – can be done with only one eye open in the morning.


4. With some pretty ribbon, tie a bow on your beautiful wreath.


5. Hang it up! I use and upside down command hook on the inside of my door and some fishing string.

IMG_20140303_115416_098  IMG_20140303_115450_579

IMG_20140303_115532_621  IMG_20140303_115429_914

For under $30 I was able to make a fabulous Spring wreath and personalize it!
How are your Spring wreaths coming? Catching the fever yet?

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Cheers (to warm weather!)
Bridget, XOXO

Monday, March 10, 2014

Living Room

Ok, y’all! I’m rolling out some house pics. I’m starting with our living room because I spend most of my time there and was therefore forced to put it together first… and it’s nowhere near finished or close to what I hope it to look like, but I’m so excited that I just have to share what I’ve done so far with you.


2014-01-14 15.13.56



I love my wingback chair… it just barely fits in that corner, but I’m sticking with it. This chair was my very first sewing DIY project… *sigh*. Now it needs a little fixing up (the move and wear and tear have done a number), but I’m so darn proud of it.


Paint color: Silver Gray – Benjamin Moore


Not the best quality photos, I was limited to my cell camera! I’ll update with better ones later!

Rug is new from Target!



That chest of drawers actually was a freebee from a friend in a frat in college – his (awesome) mom had found it at a yardsale… and he didn’t want to take it home! Score! Solid wood, weighs a hundred pounds, needs a little refinishing, makes my heart melt.




This peninsula in the kitchen looks over the living room, with breakfast bar. Currently being used as our dining room table….: )



More to come when I make additional improvements. I really want to put a picture shelf up on one wall, maybe on either side of the small window? What do you think? I want to make some nice bright pillow covers too for a pop of color.  I also have my bedroom to show you …. but it has a ways to go first!

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Giant Jenga

One of our first projects after moving was Giant Jenga. Why? I have no idea, but it’s fun and we wanted a good game to play when we had our housewarming party. And it was a huge hit!! Be forewarned though, wear shoes when playing – these blocks can fall on toes!

2014-02-09 20.03.39

Joe used these links to come up with the specs. They both have really good instructions!



The basic makeup of Giant Jenga is simple – 2”x4” cut into 10.5” lengths and sanded (so they slide against each other better).

 2014-02-15 18.24.05

Have fun party people!!

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Bridget XOXO