Monday, December 16, 2013

Dear November & December

Dear November and December,
You came and you went and I hardly spent time with you. House hunting (and finding! and packing!) took up most of the last month, as well as Holiday plans over the last few weeks.
With several projects started and not yet finished (all gifts, of course), I'll just have to crunch some extra posts into December. After all, tis the season for crafting! Unfortunately, all of my gifts are for people who read this blog... putting me in a little pickle for posting, since all of my crafting has been for gifting lately. 
So, in the spirit of surprise, I'll post a bunch of stuff after Christmas. And then after we close on our FIRST HOUSE in January, I'll be posting house and decor crafts!!! I can't wait!
Thank you all for visiting and understanding :)
Happy crafting and gifting, y'all!