Friday, May 6, 2016

Etching Glass

Etching glass may or may not be my newest obsession. I gave etching a try for the first time when I made my friend's casserole dish and carrier for her bridal shower. It came out AWESOME. I want one for myself!

The idea behind the casserole dish and carrier had to do with trying to go to pot-luck dinners, family parties, cookouts, etc. with a hot dish and no way to either carry it or keep it warm. The carrier takes care of that, but what about getting the dish back later? I wanted some way to write their new last name on the dish without having to resort to sharpies. You know, keep it classy.
I found etching cream on Amazon for only a couple bucks. Just be careful - it is an acid cream so be mindful when using it - don't let it get on your work surfaces or your skin/eyes. Also note, this is PERMANENT.

1. First I printed out their new last name onto printable vinyl. Then, carefully, I cut out the letters with an exacto knife (using a cutting mat underneath to protect my table).

hint: use a basic, straight font for easy cutting. 

2. Once I cut the letters out, I cut the strip of vinyl off the rest of the sheet. Carefully remove the backing and stick the name cut out onto your pyrex dish where you want it. Press down all over, especially corners and edges of the letters.

3. Using a small paint brush, paint over the name stencil with etching cream. Don't be afraid to glob it on, it will provide a more even finishing result. (Don't do what I did here... put something down to protect your work surface!)

4. Follow the instructions on the etching cream for wait time. Then rinse off in the sink. Peel off your name stencil. Tada!

I love personalizing and customizing gifts and it doesn't hurt when the gift is practical and will actually get used. An etched pyrex dish, a couple of cute bamboo serving utensils, and a casserole carrier make a great combo gift for bridal showers. DIY painted bamboo serving utensils will be next post! Stay tuned!
Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the bridal showers this season, and indulge in the cake and mimosas. Even if you have to bring your own. Just saying.

Bridget XOXO