Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pajama Shorts

Last Christmas I made Joe a pair of fleece pajama pants that were a cinch to put together. I used this tutorial at Pretty Prudent and just used “big kid” pants haha.

The other day I realized that I have only two pairs of pajama/ lounge shorts and I have been wearing them all summer long for several years…. mmm. Unfortunately, I am trying to save every penny for a house so I don’t want to go shopping (we all know I won’t just buy shorts). And, I live in an apartment/condo complex with neighbors all around – going sans shorts is also not an option. Sorry, neighbors.

So I adapted this pajama pants tutorial to make shorts!

2013-07-25 21.29.33

2013-07-25 21.30.21

2013-07-25 21.37.54

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Bridget XOXO

Friday, July 5, 2013

Hose Battle Rope

Joe has been hunting for battle ropes to add to his workout gear collection and has completely lucked out on finding anything within a reasonable price range. Battle ropes range from $100 – $150 and as we save for a house and a wedding, that just wasn’t going to do. So we got to brainstorming and researching and we decided to make one.
2013-07-04 09.06.38
What you will need:
50’ Garden Hose – $15
10-20lbs of play sand (the kind that goes in sandboxes) - $3
Duct tape
1. Duct tape one end of the hose closed.
2. Fill with sand. Be patient, it takes some time to shake the sand all the way down the hose as you go.
Tip: make sure the sand is dry – we left ours out in the sun for a few days first.
3. Duct take the second end closed
This battle rope ended up being 16lbs total – you could experiment with different fillers to change the weight. The total cost of this battle rope: $18 – a far cry from $100.
I hope we can inspire you to make some of your own workout equipment!
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Bridget XOXO