Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fresh Christmas Wreath

 This year, Joe and I got our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving (I know, where did we find so much motivation?). We like to cut down our own tree – we get a bigger selection, we support local farming, and Joe gets to exercise his manly side and use a saw. Who can blame him? I know I don’t mind J
          So after we haul the biggest tree we can fit on the car to the apartment, we always have to do a little trimming of the bottom branches so the tree fits nicely in the stand and gifts fit underneath. And, you know me, I have to keep each and every branch that comes off that hunk-a-big-ol-tree. And then they sit on my porch for a few weeks… or sometimes until January.
          This year, I’m recycling them – finally. I made my own fresh Christmas wreath! I was intimidated at first, but after looking at numerous tutorials, YouTube videos, etc., I gave it a go… and it was seriously simple. Any of you who are getting your own fresh Christmas tree this year, you are bound to have a few clippings… save yourself the money and make your own wreath! It smells amazing, takes less than a half hour to make, and is almost free.

Fresh Christmas Wreath

What you will need:
  • Wreath form – I used an 18” here, but it made a massive wreath. Go smaller if you have less clippings or a smaller door. Costs only a few bucks at any craft store.
  • Evergreen clippings – cut up those branches from the bottom of your tree into smaller pieces
  • Shears
  • Floral wire
  • Ribbon (optional)

Step One: Get your supplies ready. Chop up those branches, make a pile. Spread out some newspaper if you want to protect your surfaces from sap. I highly recommend this if you are doing this inside.

 Step Two:  The first piece needs to be knotted in place. After this, you will just keep wrapping the wire around the wreath form and evergreen twigs.

Step Three: Keep placing clippings along the wreath form as you make your way around – don’t worry about perfection, you can always go back and add pieces here and there, as well as clip some of the stray odds and ends.

Step Four: Hang that bad boy up and check it out. Mine was a little heavy on one side, so I added some twigs in the lighter areas, just taking some floral wire and tying them in.



Step Five: Add a bow and hang up that gorgeous creation! I use two upside-down hooks on the inside of my door. This way, when I don’t have a wreath up I don’t have to just look at the hooks.

Happy Holidays! Thanks for stopping by!
Bridget, XOXO

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