Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tablet Cover

Now that Christmas is over, I have a lot of tutorials to dish out – so many of my friends and family check out this blog that I knew they would all discover their presents if I posted them before Christmas. Hopefully you guys can still find value in them after the holiday! This one might even be good for those of you who received tablets for the holidays!
My Dad gave my Mom a tablet for Christmas and asked me to make a cover to go along with it. I started searching the internet and Pinterest for ideas and patterns and came across this awesome one by Chica and Jo – Table Cover Tutorial. But I had to adjust the dimensions to the Nexus 7 that my mom got. Easy – just measure your own table and add a half in to each side.

Here's how mine turned out!
I made a few changes to mine: I added batting to the outer side of the cover, between the cardboard and outer fabric.

Check out the link for this great tutorial! It takes patience, but it really turns out great!
Let me know if anybody wants the dimensions for the Nexus 7 :)

Bridget, XOXO

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