Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Honeymoon Basket

What do you give a to-wed couple who has all the usual housewares and doesn’t want anything? I recently had this dilemma. One of my closest friends, Erin, is getting married in June. She didn’t want the usual house stuff; she has a house and all the fillings already. So then what do I give her? Lingerie? Overdone. Booze? Uncreative. Money? Expected. The one thing she was interested in? Contributions toward her honeymoon. Perfect!


Honeymoon Gift Basket: chuck full of items for the couple on their honeymoon. Erin and her fiancé are going to Jamaica so I loaded them up with beach necessities and other fun vacation items.

honeymoon basket numbered

Items I included:

1. Fedora – to keep the bride stylin’
2. Sippy cups – mason jar style! Perfect for drinks by the pool or on the beach.
3. Beach towels
4. Ibuprofen – for mornings after hehe
5. Hand sanitizer – I can’t help it, I’m a nurse
6. Tums – also for mornings after, but also for all that delectable food they’ll be eating
7. Waterproof camera – skinny dipping pictures optional
8. Gum – to keep that breath fresh!
9. Chapstick with SPF – to keep those lips ready for kisses!
10. KY – self explanatory! Keep it PG people, this is a family friendly blog.
11. After Sun lotion/ Aloe – to ease skin after days in the sun
12. Sunscreen – to prevent sunburns that could ruin the trip!
13. Luggage Tags

I bought all of this stuff at Target, Homegoods, or online on Amazon. I think I might also add a bottle of champagne or a handful of nips. You can really get creative with the stuff you include! I went pretty practical and functional, but you could definitely add more romantic things or joke gifts.




Best wishes to my great friends Erin and Bill on your coming nuptials! Can’t wait for the big day!

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Bridget XOXO


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  3. What a great idea; thanks so much for sharing :) Will definitely be doing this one for a wedding I'm going to in January!