Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cheery Pillow Covers

Last year I kicked off Spring crafting with some pillow covers to rejuvenate my living room after a serious Winter (remember that 30 inch snow storm?). This year, I started with a Spring wreath. Alas, I still love to change up my pillow covers when my d├ęcor needs a little oomph. And after such a long Winter this year (ok, every year), I will do whatever it takes to coax Spring out from hiding.


I gave my go-to envelope cover a revamp by moving the opening to the side instead of the back of the pillow. This allowed me to use TWO awesome prints. And two good things are always better than one… right? Right. I really haven’t used zippers too much for my pillow covers so far, probably because I change them so frequently, but feel free to use a zipper closure instead if you want a more polished look.

What you will need:
- 2 different fabrics
- The Usual Suspects: sewing machine, scissors, thread, ruler

1. Know the size of your pillow – mine are all 16”x16”. You will want to cut your fabric rectangles an inch bigger than the size of your pillow; I cut my fabric into two 18” x 21” rectangles (enough for one end to overlap). Remember to cut off those selvedges too!


2. Once your rectangles are cut, you can begin sewing. Start by sewing a seam on one of the short edges of both rectangles.


3. Lay one side of your pillow cover right side up. Fold back the seam edge a couple of inches until the whole width is 18 inches (making a square). Use a ruler to help you.


4. Lay your second fabric right side down on top of the first fabric, matching up the unfinished edges. In this picture, the left, top and bottom.


Then, fold under the finished edge. The top fabric will sandwich your first fold


5. Pin and sew the three unfinished edges; all but the folded edge.



6. Turn right side out and press. (I skipped the press, I was way too excited!) Slide onto your pillow and fluff.



IMG_20140401_143541_178  IMG_20140401_143633_250




I love the bright, busy flowers, but y’all know I’m a sucker for gold dots (remember these? Gold Dot Mugs). I love not having to decide!

Hope you find a little Spring inspiration!

Thanks for stopping by!
Bridget XOXO

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