Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Pillow Covers

Alright, I’m starting to get desperate. Let’s make our own Spring. I made a few bright pillow covers the other day to swap out my old ones. Brings a little life to my tired, winter living room.
I’ve made them before here. I swapped out the fabric with bright turquoise tie-dyed (not by me, came that way) fabric.

2013-03-24 15.10.49
Simon already claimed one of the pillows!
2013-03-24 15.11.22

Please ignore my very crooked pictures – my neighbors shake the apartment and I am constantly fixing them.

I hope you all are starting to feel a little Spring coming, whether just inside or outside too!
Thanks for stopping by!
Bridget XOXO


  1. Love the bright pillow slipcovers!! I just did the same thing this weekend and for the same reason!!I want it to feel more like spring!! I went with bright orange. When I do my post for my slipcovers I will link back to your post. Happy Spring, Lori