Monday, October 1, 2012

Refurbished File Cabinet

Last weekend my Dad picked up a free file cabinet from the local dump. After calling to see if we might want it, he brought it home. I immediately started brewing with ideas. We are in desperate need of additional storage for our infrequently used junk… and my crafting supplies. Once I got it home it sat in my truck for a week. Finally, this weekend we got it out of the truck and up into the apartment and cleaned it up a bit. I decided to paint it with chalkboard paint and use it in our spare bedroom… this way we can hide AND label our junk drawers… Brilliant! Super easy and really fun project for Joe and I this weekend.
We used painters tape to block out a border, sanded the squares a little bit and started painting!

We Used:
$10 chalkboard paint
$2 paint roller and tray
Leftover sandpaper from an old project
Painters tape leftover from an old project

After a serious cleaning and removing some stickers

Joe loved the tape

All taped up and ready to go


Love a man with a paint roller ;)
We were originally gonna paint the middle squares too, but changed our minds.

 We did three coats of the paint per the box instructions. Any oops’ that you see are probably from me… I got a bit excited here and there with the paint roller.

Taking the tape off was the BEST PART. Neither of us were willing to give up taking tape off to take pictures - so we shared and took an after picture instead. haha

Not too shabby!

Now I kinda wanna paint the rest of it… hmm... maybe blue or red or some other fun color! Joe would kill me. I think we’ll stick to the chalkboard paint for now.

Thanks for stopping by!

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