Monday, October 22, 2012

Herringbone Wall Art

          Wow, I have been swamped this past week! It feels good to be back and writing. I never really feel as clear-minded as I do when I’m crafting. I’m so glad I finally have the opportunity to dive into it and really embrace it!
          I found a pin on Pinterest a few months ago that I’ve been desperately wanting to try. It is super easy, cheap, and looks so awesome. We have a wall in our bedroom that is completely bare, and I’m stumped as to what to put there, so I’m giving this a shot: DIY Herringbone wall art by Refinery29. Now, I’m no Picasso, but I think I can pull this off, and you can too.

Herringbone Wall Art

What you will need:
  • Canvas
  • Acrylic paints of your color choice
  • White Acrylic paint
  • Paint Brush (I had some leftover from other projects, anything an inch or bigger works fine)
  • Painter’s Tape
  • newpaper or other surface covering
  • Cup of water (to rinse brush between colors)
  • Paper towels (to dry brush)

Step One: Paint a design! With whatever colors tickle your fancy, cover your canvas. Paint whatever your heart desires! Strips, dots, whatever. I chose to do some blended stripes.
  • Rinse your brush between colors to avoid unintentional blending.
  • Don’t be shy! Cover that canvas!

Step Two: Let this paint dry completely, usually about an hour or two (read the instructions on your paint). If you feel like supplementing your colors a little bit, go for it. I added another layer to some of my colors that I painted on lightly.

Step Three: Cut even lengths of painters tape – I cut my strips 5 ½” long – and start sticking! I chose to do a herringbone pattern like in the tutorial, but anything will work! Maybe try a chevron pattern or stripes, plaid or something abstract.

Step Four: Press down the edges of all of the tape strips. I have some significant tape bleed because I didn’t do this. And you still might have some tape bleed – remember, this is DIY, so embrace it! (I have to tell myself this, because my OCD side winced at first).

Step Five: Paint over your painters tape with a light coat of white paint (you could really use any color here… gray or something bright might look really cool).

Step Six: Once the white paint is dry, start peeling up those tape strips. Use a razor blade or knife if they aren’t budging.

Step Seven: Admire your work! Easy, trendy, and cheap!

Let me know how yours turns out! Please comment with any ideas or suggestions!
Thanks for stopping by :)

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