Thursday, September 6, 2012

Starting From Scratch...

          My goal for this blog is to share some of my brilliant (ahem) and creative ways to re-purpose  reuse, and craft things for everyday life – for cheap. I’m a nurse with more student loans than I had ever imagined dealing with, and I have a grave appreciation for the dollar. As I have started to create a life for myself in my tiny apartment, I began to realize how expensive furniture, rugs, bedding, window treatments, pillows (seriously!), and so many more everyday items were. I shamelessly started marching into consignment shops and thrifts stores all over south-eastern Connecticut and fell in love with finding hidden treasures that needed a little TLC. From this blossomed a small passion for doing things homemade and very DIY. I hope to share some of my experiences and crafts with others that are so much like me; crafty, innovative, and proud to save a buck!

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