Thursday, September 20, 2012

Plush Fabric Pumpkins

          Fall is in the air! This is my FAVORITE season. From pumpkins to apple picking, farm stands to Halloween. I love it all. Perfect New England weather happens between September and November, not to mention the foliage! Anywho, for the first time I have an opportunity to do a little seasonal decorating. Usually my fall decorating consists of pumpkin flavored coffee and Sam Adam’s Octoberfest. But, last week I hurt my back at work and Occupational Health has deemed me unable to work until I complete some physical therapy. This means I have a LOT of time on my hands right now. Of course, I should be cleaning my apartment and doing all of those things that get pushed to the bottom of the “things to do” list every week, but instead, I’m crafting J… and decorating.
          I found an awesome tutorial on how to make plush fabric pumpkins. Very simple, very cute, and very inexpensive… just how I like it. This site has a template for the wedges to cut out of your fabric, which were a huge help, though the size of the big pumpkin wasn’t as big as I was hoping. Solution: I added a border to the biggest template for a bigger pumpkin. I tried using burlap for one of the pumpkins, which turned out great but was a little challenging to work with. Cotton fabric is definitely the way to go.  These pumpkins are super cute – squashed and plump and perfect!

Plush Fabric Pumpkins:

You will need:
  • half yard of fabric
  • template (see link above)
  • twine
  • large bore needle
  • polyfil or other filler
  • usual suspects: sewing machine, thread, scissors

 Start by cutting out your wedges using the template 

You'll need six wedges

Sew two wedges together, with right sides facing together

Sew a third wedge on, also with right side facing in.

One half complete! Now sew another, separate half with the remaining three wedges

Sew the two halves together just as you sewed the other pieces together, but included the bottom in your stitch. I left the top open to turn the shell right side out and stuff it.

Flip right side out

Stuff with polyfil or whatever you feel like- scraps would work good here too!
Then, with large-bore needle, string twine through the middle of the pumpkin and tie a knot on the end ( so it won't slip through). Loop the twine around the outside of the pumpkin, up the wedges and back down the center of the pumpkin. Repeat around the pumpkin. 
The tutorial link added some leaves and cinnamon sticks for stems - they're on my grocery list.  So cute!

Happy Fall!


  1. Great minds think alike because I linked up a pumpkin I made with some twine too right next to yours at 52 Mantles. Yours look great! Love the bright color. Megan

  2. Hi, great tutorial! I think I can follow this one pretty easy enough - thanks so much for sharing.
    visiting thru 52 Mantels