Wednesday, September 2, 2015

CraftyBridge is back!

Hello September! What an awesome, whirlwind Summer – I got married at the start of August, went on an amazing honeymoon to St. Lucia for two weeks, and have successful depleted all bank accounts and maxed all credit cards. I’m on a role. But it has all be so worth it. My incredible husband will attest (although very biased) that we had the wedding of our dreams – we were surrounded by love, joy, and lots of laughter and we couldn’t have asked for more. Our family and framily is the best part of our lives and the love was palpable on our wedding day. We are blessed beyond measure.
This all being said, I can FINALLY blog about some of the DIYs of my big day – some incredibly simple, others a little more involved. But none of them costing very much money (which was the key). I found that if I DIYed everything, I would have spent even more money than buying some stuff, as well as creating more stress and pressure. So I picked and chose what to DIY and it turned out great.

Tutorials to come:

Pie/cake Bunting
No-flower Centerpieces
Distressed Window Seating Chart
Flower Crowns
I can’t wait to get back to blogging and sharing all of these awesome tutorials with you – and Fall is right around the corner!
Thanks for hanging in there with me during this exciting, busy time!
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. The wedding was just gorgeous, as we're you. I especially liked the centerpieces and the distressed window seating chart. Very creative. Everywhere I looked I said, that's Bridget. Loved it. Very creative.