Thursday, June 25, 2015

Peace Flower Wreath

So this wreath has been hanging on my door for a while now but I'm still gushing over it. It makes me so happy! It's pretty, it's big, it's a freakin' PEACE SIGN. What's more to love? Oh except how easy it was to throw together and those big big amazing flowers.
I'm sorry I've been away--- wedding planning has officially taken over my life the past few months and now that we're down to the wire, it sort of feels like I've taken on a second full time job. Don't get me wrong though, I love planning and decorating and creating my way through this wedding, but the time constraint is immense. Don't even get me started on the expense of a wedding -- its a business of highway robbery! OK, end saga. Let's focus on pretty, peaceful things :)


What you will need:
grapevine wreath
assorted big faux flowers
assorted faux greens
extra sticks (from the yard) or pussywillow branches
floral wire
time or string to hang wreath

1. Clip your flowers off their stems, leaving a couple inches of stem to secure them to the wreath.

IMG_0064    IMG_0065

2. Start positioning your flowers around your wreath. I like to eyeball where they will go before I secure them. Also, start with the biggest ones first and work your way down to smaller flowers and then greenery as space filler.

3. Start sticking the flowers into the wreath. Once you like where they're positioned, secure them with floral wire.


4. the peace sign is simply made by by putting once branch straight down the middle of the wreath - make sure the branch is longer than the center of the wreath so it sticks into the top and bottom of the wreath. then take two smaller branches and stick them on either side of the center stick into the wreath. Secure them to the center stick on their opposing ends with floral wire. I used several branches for this part because mine were very thin and didn't clearly show the peace sign.

IMG_0060   IMG_0061

IMG_0062   IMG_0063

5. Once you are satisfied with your awesome wreath, tie some string to the top center of the wreath and hang!


Thanks for stopping by!

PS. Zillions of wedding crafts are on their way... but not until after the wedding!! (can't give away any surprises!)

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