Sunday, September 22, 2013

Flannel Pillowcases

It's my Brother's 23rd birthday today and I made him some awesome pillow cases. Ever since we were kids Elliot has always loved flannel sheets and pillowcases. It got to a point where the one set we had for him that was covered in Christmas themes (snowmen, Santa, Christmas trees, etc) started to be used year round. I could even venture to guess that the pillowcases could still be in use today... but I think I'd rather not know. So for the last few years I've been making Elliot flannel pillow cases for his birthday as an ode to our childhood.
I used a regular old pillow case I had in my closet as a measure and made them a little long so that I could cuff the opening. They're fun, they’re soft, and they're used - which makes them all the more special. No, they do not usually match his sheets. But he's 23... and he could really care less.


1. Measure your pillow case on a fold if you are using one fabric. I used two, so I had to cut two rectangles.

2. Sew three edges together with right sides - two long sides and one short. (if you cut on a fold and have only one piece of fabric, sew on long side and one short side with right side in).

3. Cuff your opening and pin - remember, your pillowcase is still inside out at this point. Sew the raw edge down.

IMG_20130827_164339_778 (1)

4. Flip your pillow case right side in and press.


It is THAT simple!
Note: when sewing the edges I found it best to serge them - this presents with less fraying later and holds up better than just a straight seam.

Fun fabrics make this project the most fun - and personable!

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  1. Great fabric. Thanks for sharing at my Pin Me Linky Party!