Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Painted Bamboo Utensils

2 more bridal showers down, 2 to go! 2 weddings down, 3 to go!This year is in full swing. These casserole carriers are a hit. I almost forgot to tell you guys about the painted utensils! Along with a casserole dish and carrier, I included a set of bamboo utensils which I jazzed up a bit. Here's how I did it.
Using painter's tape, I wrapped the utensils to make stripes. It helps keep the lines clean. If you don't have painter's tape you can still do this, but eyeball it. Then using acrylic paint, I painted about three coats of paint, waiting at least twelve hours between each. Once done, I pulled off the painters tape and used a razor to clean up any uneven edges.

This is a quick, very easy way to spice up a pair of ordinary bamboo utensils. The acrylic should have no problem getting wet or washed.

Sorry for the lack of quality pictures, I think I got so into painting I forgot to take them! 

This would be an awesome pairing for hostess gifts, casseroles, or cake mixes. I might even try them at Christmas with a crockpot and recipes.

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