Sunday, October 18, 2015

Wedding DIY: Flower Crowns

Bridget & Joe-12
Our wedding was primarily garden themed and since it was in August we wanted a few seasonal accents…. in-season flowers, light suits for the guys, airy dresses for the girls… and flower crowns. Who needs a good excuse to wear a flower crown? nobody. They’re awesome. But I also thought they might be a fun addition for pictures and partying, adding to the boho flair in our wedding.

I found this very simple tutorial at Green Wedding Shoes. I did not use live flowers, but silk, and they came out beautiful! I raided the craft store for on-sale small flowers and went to work. My Sister-In-Law Julia got the hang of this way faster than I did – it takes a good amount of hand-eye coordination. Be creative, have fun with them, and don’t worry about messing up – you can always pull some flowers out and add others.

Bridget & Joe-10
Bridget & Joe-9

Bridget & Joe-356
Bridget & Joe-357
We also ended up making some big fun flower crowns for the photobooth and they were a huge hit!

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  1. Very pretty! I pinned this because I think my daughter might want one to wear to a dance sometime.