Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Wreath 2014


Merry Christmas, blog family! How are your Christmas and gift crafts going? I’m buried under a pile of fleece and flannel as I bust my derrière on some awesome fleece blankets, pillowcases, and hand warmers (tutorial soon to come). Today is crack down day, but I wanted to show you this year’s Christmas wreath! I gave you guys a tutorial last year on how to make a basic wreath using leftover branches from the Christmas tree. This year I embellished a little bit and made it BIGGER. Check it out.


This year, I upgraded to a 24” wire wreath frame. I’m warning you – it’s massive. Finished, this wreath just barely fit on my front door. I love it, but make sure it’s as big as you want it – otherwise, stick with the typical 12” –18” wreath frame.


Kraft paper saves the day, once again. This is a messy activity.


This year I added berries, and lots of them. I like the pop of red.


Complete with a sweet bow and hang her up!


IMG_20141221_125702_298  IMG_20141221_125731_788

Please pardon the lack of decorations and the poorly groomed plants – we’re only beginners, here. Also, don’t you love that flyer? Goodwill $20. I can’t get enough of it.

My goal is to wait until the holiday is over and stock up on on-sale Christmas decorations for next year. Any ideas on the best places to get after-holiday deals?


Merry Christmas!
Thanks for stopping by!
Bridget XOXO

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