Thursday, October 16, 2014

Halloween Wreath 2014

So y’all know by now that I’m showing true signs and symptoms of wreath addiction. It’s fine. I’ve got it under control. I think. OK, I’m not that bad, yet. So far I’ve been doing seasonal wreaths – but who can resist a little front-door-décor? Especially when it’s Fall and we need to celebrate all that is left of color and tolerable weather in the Northeast? Before we know it Old Man Winter will be here, cloaking the world in gray and making us dream of sunburns instead of windburns.
So buck up everybody, it’s Halloween and we get to dressing up and make fools of ourselves! Put that scary movie on, go on that haunted hayride, carve that pumpkin, and drink some pumpkin beer! It’s time to celebrate!

Supplies you will need:
- Floral ornamentals/ faux flowers of your choice – grab your coupons and wait for sales!
- Wreath
- Wire cutters
- Floral wire (thin, pliable wire to help secure everything)
- Ribbon

This wreath requires very little tutorial – just find some fun flowers and ornamentals and stick ‘em into the wreath whichever way pleases you most. I went big on glitter just because it made me happy. I suggest you do the same :) Then, secure everything with floral wire so it doesn’t fall apart. Hang from a ribbon – I have an upside down hook on the inside of my door that I hook the ribbon onto. Stand back and marvel at your brilliant work.


All the stuff I bought – didn’t end up using it all, but my total came to $18

My lighting was terrible for these photos!
IMG_20141013_175337_170 IMG_20141013_175346_542

I love that glittery broom. It shed glitter all over my house and I didn’t even care.
IMG_20141013_175444_188 IMG_20141013_175455_151

Happy Halloween!
Thanks for stopping by!
Bridget XOXO

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