Monday, October 28, 2013

Glam Witch Skirt

I have been looking for an excuse to make a big skirt for a long time, and when better to dress up than Halloween? I want to be a glam witch for Halloween but you can adapt this tutorial to whatever you want, or even make a dress for a special occasion. I was practically giddy when I figured out how easy it would be to make a skirt like this – perfect for a last minute costume idea!


Glam Witch Skirt

What you will need:
- 2.5 yards of fabric (look for fabric that will billow nicely) (your length will depend on your height – see tutorial) (add a second solid fabric of same amount if your outer fabric is sheer like mine, I used taffetta)
- 2 inch wide elastic (measure waist for length)
- 2 inch or larger wide ribbon
- The Usual Suspects: sewing machine, thread, scissors

Step 1: To start, measure the length of your skirt with a measuring tape. I stepped on the end of the tape and held it up to my waist (or the height I wanted my skirt). Mine came to about 36 inches. Double that for the length of fabric you will need. Go buy your fabric. I had to buy two fabrics for this skirt because I couldn’t let go of a sheer fabric I found – but it is NOT necessary to have two layers if you have a solid fabric.



Step 2: Trim the edges of your fabric. With right sides together, serge sides together. Then hem bottom of skirt. Do this for your second fabric as well if you have one. Leave the tops unhemmed at this point.



Step 3: With skirt inside out fold top over to create a 2.5 inch hem (enough room for 2 inch elastic) (if two fabrics, fold together) . Sew hem all the way around, leaving a small opening at end.

Hint: If you are working with two fabrics, make sure they have the same width – mine did not have the same width and I had to pleat my outer fabric – annoying.

Step 4: Feed elastic through opening and sew ends together back at opening. Sew opening of hem closed.



Step 5: Use ribbon as accent to complete skirt. Maybe even add belt loops!

TIP: I did not taper the fabric at my waist – just used the fabric width as is. I would recommend tapering it at the waist to reduce bulk at the waistline. Beginner’s mistake haha.


Enjoy! Hey, big girls like to dress up too, right? :)

        IMG_20131026_175112_553  IMG_20131026_175119_695

         IMG_20131026_175338_598  IMG_20131026_175515_342

Happy Halloween!
Bridget XOXO

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