Friday, March 1, 2013

Mint & Lemon Statement Necklace

2013-03-01 11.09.16      2013-03-01 12.48.40

I LOVE statement necklaces. I have a weak spot for the boldest, brightest, sparkly-est necklaces that I come across, and just the other day I wandered by this little link on Pinterest. DIY Valentine’s Day Necklace by My Girlish Whims – only you can use whatever you want. I HAD TO DO IT. Make my own statement necklace? With the colors that I want?? Hell yes. Now I can feel better about spending so much money on the others that I bought, because this necklace only cost about $10 to make.

See link for detailed tutorial. Here is how mine came out!! I am so excited.

2013-03-01 11.07.412013-03-01 11.07.552013-03-01 11.08.16

2013-03-01 12.50.462013-03-01 12.47.172013-03-01 12.49.24
2013-03-01 12.51.30

I can feel Spring coming already! Have you started ringing in Spring? I need to keep thinking of sun and warmer weather - this Winter is starting to get very old.
PS. Working on my photo skills, hoping to get better post by post!

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Bridget XOXO


  1. nice! i pin it found you on the pin me blog party.

  2. i love how you used the tear drop beads on the bottom! great variation!! :)